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  • If you received an IRS letter or an IRS notice, it is recommended that you contact an experienced tax pro to help you resolve your tax debt.   
  • Tax Bookkeeping Payroll, LLC has been serving clients and can proudly say that we have many 5-star reviews on Google, Freelancer, Facebook, etc. We receive many positive e-mails saying how grateful our clients are that they found us and are using our services.
I'm extremly satisfied with Tatiana. I would higly recommend her!
Tatiana is the best, she always goes above and beyond to help me understand any questions and after our conversations, she'll often times send me extra information that will go further in depth. Even when shes unable to talk she's always very good about getting back to me. So happy that I found her! I am a small online business and she has definitely helped me understand the ins and outs of my business and i look forward to our continued partnership!

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